Top 5 Must Haves

Every RV owner has their must haves that they simply, absolutely cannot do without. Take a look at our current favourite must have RV items this season. Is yours on the list?


RVers don’t sit still and neither should the air in your RV. When it’s hot outside, you want it cool inside, whether you’re on the road or relaxing on a campground. Maxx Air Roof Vent Covers are perfect for providing good air-flow. They remove heat, smoke and odours, while keeping out pesky bugs, leaves and rain – even with the vents open. Covers are affordable, easy to install, can protect skylights from UV rays and are great for when your beloved RV goes into storage.


RV solar panels are just another reason to be a sun worshipper. There are affordable RV solar kits to suit any vehicle space and energy needs: from powering lights and fans to almost everything inside your RV. Cut the chord from campground hook-ups and spare your generator. Park anywhere you like and still enjoy your creature comforts as the noiseless solar panels do their work.


Everything in your RV relies on a 12 volt system powered by deep cycle batteries designed to store large amounts of power and perform over long periods. They’re something you take for granted, until they fail and you have to go without your coffee. You can get 25%-30% more energy from 6 volt batteries and they take less time to recharge. They are rugged, deep cycled, and endure long periods of recharging and discharging with little impact on their lifespan.


The Earth isn’t flat and even the best campsite spots have their ups and downs – literally. That’s where modular design levelers come in, to keep your RV on an even keel. You can also click them together to level your gazebo, picnic table or anything else that needs a support base. Durable, sturdy and easy to use, RV levelling blocks are like Lego for RVers. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


As an RVer the only time you want to feel like you’re going nowhere is when you park at a great spot. RV wheel chocks are a must for stabilizing your RV. They block or lock your wheels to prevent you from rolling away, and they minimize the rocking movement when you and your guests are moving about inside. Rock your world, rather than your RV with one of the many styles and brands available. 


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