RV Care Added Value

Chemo RV is a proud member of the RV Care program

Discover our RV CARE benefits

RV Care “CUSTOMER CARE PROMISES” are FREE with every purchase!

When you purchase a new or pre-owned RV from an RV Care dealer, you will automatically become part of our RV Care Community. You’ll receive your Customer Care Promises card, which details our PROMISES to you.

Plus, within a couple of weeks, after your RV purchase, you’ll receive a WELCOME email from RV Care along with all the BENEFITS you receive as a new customer to our RV Care Community. THE EMAIL WILL BE YOUR CONFIRMATION THAT YOU ARE NOW REGISTERED IN OUR NORTH AMERICAN “CUSTOMER CARE PROMISES” PROGRAM.

We’re part of a Canada-wide community consisting of over 90 pre-selected independent RV dealers. When you buy your RV from one of our dealer associate members, you’ll be recognized and treated as if you bought your RV from our dealership. That is the RV Care Network Customer Care Promise. If you incur a problem with your RV while traveling, just refer to our 6-Step Service Guidelines. You’ll be back up and running before you know it!

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