Top 10 RV Must-Haves

1.     The right tool for the job

No matter how new and shiny your RV is, it’s always best to be prepared for minor repairs. Having the right tools handy to repair equipment or furniture is essential. We recommend getting a basic tool kit, but there are some extras you can pack to make your trip go swimmingly.

  • Tape (duct tape for quick fixes and silicone rescue tape for quick water leaks)
  • Gloves (work gloves for repairs, disposable for messy jobs)
  • Electrical repair items (fuses, electrical tape, etc.)
  • Cordless drill
  • Small axe
  • Shovel

2.     Over and out

Walkie talkies or two-way radios are a great way to keep in touch with your group if you need to separate. You can also use them when you’re backing up and parking your vehicle, to avoid indecipherable arm waving and shouting.

3.     Love to ride your bicycle?

Bikes are great to have on hand for quick errands that don’t require an RV, but they’re also great for a joy ride. If you’re lacking in space, take a look at foldable bike options.

4.     Tip-top tire pressure

If your rig doesn’t already come with a built in tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), we recommend getting one. A TPMS is not cheap, but having a tire blowout could be a lot harder on the wallet. Your TPMS can keep an eye on air pressure as well as temperature, then alert you if there’s a problem.

5.     Whatever the weather

Come rain or shine, you’ll always be in the know with a weather radio or wireless weather station. You can even get weather radios that also charge electronic devices, have a built-in flashlight, are battery operated, or are hand crank/clockwork operated.

6.     Place in the sun

Power your devices while the sun is shining with a mini solar charger. With phones and tablets becoming an important part of our (and our kids’) lives, it’s important to keep them charged up and ready to go. Mini solar chargers and battery packs are relatively inexpensive and can hold their charge for months!

7.     Boondockers rejoice!

Using a laptop or TV and don’t want to start the generator? Get yourself a small power inverter. They often plug into a regular cigarette lighter, so you can attach your TV or laptop power cord into the inverter and watch shows via battery power.

8.     Bug out

It’s all fun and games until you forget the bug spray and get eaten alive by mosquitos. Always remember the bug repellent spray and/or citronella everything.

9.     Ice, ice, baby

It’s hot, it’s sweaty and it’s summer—it’s time for an ice cold beverage. Invest in a portable ice maker and you’ll be the envy of the campsite. Your regular RV freezer can get pretty full in the summer months (burgers!) and the faucet water is never quite cold enough to cool you down. Portable ice makers can make ice cubes in just 10 minutes.

10.     Hoard the cord

It’s always better to have more cords and hoses than you need. Carry extra water hoses, sewer hoses and extension cords, so you can always reach the things you need.


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