One of the best things about an RV adventure is that you don’t have to leave everything at home. Follow our simple storage hacks and you’ll be able to fit in even more of the things you need and keep them organized.

  1. Storage bins can help you make the most of your closet, drawer and cabinet space.
  2. Use a magnetic strip in your kitchen area to keep knives and utensils out of the way.
  3. Place Command or suction hooks on the back of cabinet doors for extra hanging space. You can even use the hooks to hold up hanging shower baskets to create instant shelves.
  4. Get magnetic tins to store your spices, then you can place them on a magnetic wall strip.
  5. Attach the lids of mason jars to the underside of your upper cabinets for instant mason jar storage space—perfect for knick-knacks and whatnots.
  6. Add Velcro to your remote controls so you can always find them. Attach them to the underside of your favourite binge-watching chair or to your TV cabinet.
  7. Use a broom clip to keep a flashlight in a handy place—like the back of your front door, or right beside your bed.
  8. Magazine racks are a great way to keep maps, books and art supplies organized.
  9. Invest in nesting kitchenware (like mixing bowls that fit inside each other), as well as kitchen items that can fold up. You can even buy fold up tea kettles!
  10. Try a no-slip shelving liner in your kitchen cabinets to stop dishes from slipping and sliding in transit.