RV Packing Tips & Tricks

It’s tempting to fill your RV with everything you think you’re going to need, as well as everything you think may be nice to have “just in case,” but as you travel you’ll find that extra stuff is only weighing you down, literally and figuratively! We’re sharing some tips on how to avoid over packing, but not forget anything important.

Make a list

The best way to stay organized and really think through what you need to pack is to make a list. You’ll find many RV packing lists online, but make sure you tailor it to suit your camping style and available storage space. Keep the list handy as you travel as well, so you can add to it if you have forgotten something, or cross things off that you discover you didn’t need after all. By the end of your trip, you’ll have the perfect custom list for future excursions.

Think lightweight

Don’t forget that everything you pack into your RV is increasing its total weight. As you’re filling the kitchen cupboards, skip heavy and breakable dishes and glassware. You don’t need to go disposable though, there are plenty of stylish, lightweight and non-breakable dishware options, like melamine or acrylic.

Meal plan

When you’re packing your kitchen, it helps to have a meal plan set. You’ll know exactly what to buy, and avoid over-packing your cupboards. You can also take the time to prep some meals and snacks before you leave, packing them into small containers, and portioning out the exact amount you will need.

Stick to basic & multipurpose

The more uses for something, the better. Choose cooking supplies that can perform as many tasks as possible, like a good-sized pan that will be suitable for every recipe, or bowls that can be used for food prep as well as serving. Rather than trying to pack as much into your RV as possible, reduce your supplies down to only the basics. It’s tempting to bring every convenience of home, but once you look over your meal plan, you should have a good idea of what appliances or tools you will not be needing.

Stay organized

Once you’ve determined what you’ll pack, it’s time to organize. Group like objects together in baskets within your cabinets, like spices, first aid supplies, or toiletries. Label the outsides and you’ll be able to find everything easily, and know exactly where to put it back.

Edit your wardrobe

Think about your activities as you pack your clothes, if you’re planning on checking out some great restaurants, be sure to pack something nice to wear. On the other hand, if your schedule consists of lounging at the beach and tackling some forest trails, you’ll probably only be wearing casual clothes. Pack items that go together, so you can mix and match outfits for more variety without packing more. For longer trips, plan to do laundry at some point rather than bringing enough for each day.

Limit the toys

Traveling with kids can mean a lot of extra stuff, but RVing is the perfect chance for them to get out of their usual routines and into nature. Campsites are the ultimate playground, and before long, favourite toys will be discarded in favour of sticks. But don’t forget a special stuffed animal or blanket to make bedtime feel more familiar, and a few games and art supplies for rainy-day fun.

Leave space

There are hundreds of great space-saving ideas on Pinterest to help you max-out your storage space, but there’s something to be said about leaving space in your RV for an unexpected souvenir along the way.

Downsizing and selecting only essential items for your RV can be a real challenge, but with some planning and a great list, you’ll have exactly what you need for a great vacation.


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