Meet the Hubbells

Hello! We’re the Hubbell family and Chemo RV’s 2020 summer camping family. I’m Natasha! Along with my wonderful husband Brent, we are mom and dad to three beautiful and energetic kids. Addisyn is our oldest daughter at 10 years old, Rowan is 8 and our youngest girl Tennessee is 4. We also brought along our two big dogs Jingle and Dixie.

The kids look forward to camping every summer. When they aren’t camping with us, we send them along to camp with their Nana and Papa. We’ve been taking the kids camping since they were only weeks old and had to camp in a tent. Oh man, that was an adventure!

Brent and I both grew up camping in the Cariboo area around Williams Lake and started to explore the Fraser Fort-George area when we moved to Prince George in 2013.

We are a summer family and every year we impatiently wait through the winter till camping season can begin! Brent and I work opposite days for our jobs, so taking our holidays together in the summer to camp is our chance to do what we love as a family.

We like exploring new areas to camp, lakes to fish and swim at, and new sights to see such as waterfalls and hiking trails. We love camping because there is no timeline of when things need to happen. Time slows down, and there is nowhere you must be, no schedule to follow and with no technology there is no distraction of the outside world.

The Coachmen Freelander Motorhome was home, sweet home for the weekend. It was amazing. We have never camped in a motorhome, so we were all excited to try it. With two slides and tons of exterior and interior storage we never ran out of room. I tend to pack the whole house, minus the kitchen sink, so a unit like this was perfect for us!

Every year we go camping I look up tips and tricks for camping on Pinterest to try and minimize how much we take with us. I have learned to pack the kids’ clothes in clear bins. They each have their own bin, so they know where to find their own clothes. I have other bins labeled with the rest of our camping gear and, at the start of every camping season, I go through it to ensure we have everything we need. That’s where having a camping checklist comes in handy!  

The kids slept in the top bunk the first night of our trip. They had access to a window and a fan, so all three of them slept comfortably. With the large floor space, our dogs enjoyed coming in at night to escape the bugs, sprawl out and snore the night away. This RV even had an outside storage cabinet for a TV! That would make for a cool outdoor movie night.

For our first camping trip, we chose Whiskers Point Provincial Park on McLeod Lake, 138km north of Prince George off Hwy 97. We had never camped here before, but after going for a drive to check out new camp spots last summer, this was number one on our list of places to try. It has a beautiful sandy beach and cute little bridges connecting the different areas of the park as a creek flows right through the park.

We arrived there on a Wednesday night and took a back-row spot hoping to switch to a lakefront spot the next morning. We didn’t unpack anything that first night just in case we were able to move the in the morning. We were all feeling tired from packing and driving, so we had a light dinner and headed to the beach to swim while the sun was still shining.

The kids said the water was cold, but they got used to it pretty quick. I’m sure the water could be ice cold and they would still want to go swimming!

They loved playing in the sand. Tennessee made sand angels—I’m quite sure there is still sand in her hair from this! Rowan was quick to come up with the idea to be buried in the sand too and the girls were happy to oblige.

The beach was gorgeous! It was nice to sink my feet into the sand, soak up the view and watch the kids play.

The next morning, we woke up a little cold. I guess I forgot to turn the furnace on. Oops! I suppose I’ve camped in tents for so long that I forgot about the luxury of heat. We didn’t make that mistake twice. Another camper was moving, so we were fortunate to be able to grab a double lake front spot. Woohoo!


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