How to keep your RV cool this summer

With heatwaves rolling through the country, keep your RV cool while camping with these tips!

Seek out the shade

An obvious one, but a shady spot will go a long way to keeping your RV cool. If you have a choice of sites, choose one that offers the most shade.

Cook outside

Keep your RV cool by keeping your RV’s stove and oven off. Stick to grilling outside or making use of your outdoor kitchen or portable camp stove.

Install roof vent covers 

Keeping your roof vents open when there is a breeze can help to keep things cool. Installing a roof vent cover will help to direct breezes in and reduce heat build-up, while keeping rain out on those drizzly, muggy days. Check out this one from RV Traveler’s Choice.

Pack a portable fan

Position a portable fan in a window to draw in cooler air. During the day, be sure to choose a shaded window. 

Keep your shades closed

Keep the sun from warming up your RV by keeping your shades completely closed. Black-out curtains and shades work best for this.

Catch the evening breeze

Keep windows open through the night, bringing in as much cool air as possible. Shut them in the morning and pull down the shades when the sun rises, keeping the cool air in for as long as possible. 

Keep that door shut

Once you’ve found a way to keep your RV cool, now it’s time to keep it that way! To avoid going in and out as much as possible, try packing a cooler with ice, drinks and snacks to keep outside.

Get that AC going

If you’ve got AC and the necessary hookups, draw the shades, close the windows, and get that cool air going!

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