The Rywaczuks – Day 2: Chasm

We woke up to the drip-drops of rain on Saturday morning. Nothing a little camp coffee can’t fix! It was calm, minus the massive crow that sat directly above the trailer and cawed… A LOT. Maybe he was just saying good morning?

The girls got up a little while after us. Everyone had egg and cheese croissants for breakfast, and we sat around the fire for the morning.

We realized we had forgotten CHOCOLATE for smores. Who forgets chocolate? So, we took a quick trip in to 70 Mile General Store.

On the way, we passed the big Green Lake Fire Department’s annual garage sale. This garage sale is famous for its homemade pie sale.

Ava came with me. We met a few firefighters and we bought a bouncy chair for her dolls, some buckets for the beach, and a bowl. All for a whopping $2. Score!

We headed back to camp after a quick grocery stock up, made a packed lunch and loaded up the dogs for a day trip to Chasm—a place I have never visited in the 38 years I’ve lived in the Cariboo.

It was a quick 30-minute drive from our camp and it was truly amazing! It’s a massive ravine with long spans of layers of rock, with a big sign explaining how they were formed. The girls thought the information about how Chasm was formed was really interesting. Say the word “volcano” or “hot lava” to a child and you have their undivided attention! They thought the size of it was amazing and the layers of rock looked pretty cool. 

We heard a waterfall and followed a little trail down past a creek and over a little bridge. But the waterfall was beyond the fence, so we didn’t attempt any dangerous climbing. It’s something to see, for sure!

The parking lot was full of tourists checking out the spot. One told us that you can often see mountain sheep along the rocks. We looked for them through our binoculars—but, no luck.

We ate some lunch, loaded back up and headed back to camp. The sun came out for an hour or so in the late afternoon, so Sophie and I grabbed the kayaks and went for a paddle. We looked for a large man-made rock island, but the lake so high that it was underwater.  

The water was crystal clear and calm. We played around out on our kayaks for a bit until a big black cloud rolled in.

Back to camp we go, for salmon over the fire, corn on the cob and diced yams, followed by smores made with three different types of chocolate bars. Delicious!

It continued raining, so we curled up in a blanket, folded down the sofa, turned on the fireplace in the trailer and watched a movie. The perfect end to busy day.


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