Making Camping Memories

More family joined us from Williams Lake for our fourth camping day. My cousin Ashley, her husband Kyle, their kids Brooke and Cruz, and my Auntie Lindee came to camp. They had never camped there before, so we took them on the grand tour of the park and showed them the amenities. Like free hot showers! The kids ran off to the park to play and explore the beach.

For lunch, my mom cooked her homemade perogies cooked in butter and onions and served with sour cream. This is one of our favorite things! This, of course, was served with veggies and hotdogs.

Rowan lost another tooth at lunch time! Poor boy. The week before, he was camping with his cousins at Horsefly lake and he lost a tooth and had another one knocked out.  He was sure happy when we mentioned the visits from the tooth fairy he would be getting!

Ashley and her family packed up before dinner to head back to Williams Lake. We had a light dinner and sat around the fire one last time before we packed up the next day. We had an early night as the kids were feeling tired from staying up late the night before.

On our last day, Annaka had the kids’ friends with her, Eli, and Lucas, and she made breakfast for all of us. Pancakes, bacon… and yes, that was as delicious as it sounds!

After breakfast, the kids took off to play, except Tennessee—who stayed behind to play Barbies. This time, she was asking Daddy to play with her. She could play for hours with her Barbies whether it’s a campsite, on the boat or at home. Its so cute.

We moved the playing to the beach to watch the kids swim. One of our must-haves for camping is being at a lake or near a lake for the kids to swim. My kids are definitely part fish. They love the water and swimming! The kids floated on the tubes for a couple of hours, making sure to jump in when they got too hot and then wiggle back onto the tube.

I tease Tennessee when she’s swimming that she’s going to turn into a mermaid when she shows me the wrinkles on her fingers! Tenn wasn’t interested in swimming at first. She was content playing on the beach. But by the time we were done playing, her clothes were no longer dry!

We all had a lot of fun this trip and the rain didn’t slow us down. The best parts of the trip I would say is the family down time we had at our campsite—playing a game with the kids, them taking an interest in whittling and having our friends and family join us around the campfire. Those are the memories I want the kids to keep with them.

We have camped at Ten Mile Lake almost every summer since we moved to Prince George in 2013. The kids always bring up stories of adventures they had there, as well as the adventures they’ve had at all the places we’ve camped. Now the kids can add to those memories: the summer we got to camp in a motorhome.


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