6 ways to pass time on an RV road trip

From nostalgic audio books to capturing a photo diary, here’s how we like to pass time on an RV road trip.

1. Track your route on a printed map

Ignore the GPS and break out a map of your journey! Track your travels, make notes or circle the places you visit, scan the surrounding routes for fun detours and try the highway less traveled. 

2. Check out an audio book

You’ll want to the drive to last longer so you can get to the last chapter. You can purchase audio books, but most libraries offer a wide array of free audio book rentals with your membership. If you’re traveling with kids, check out one of your childhood favourites to share with them.

3. Research your destination

Pass time as you travel by learning more about the destination. Have your co-pilot bring a guide book, search google, or watch videos on YouTube.  

4. Create a photo diary 

Capture the passing scenery, landmarks, and pit stops as you document your journey through your camera’s lens, and make time to stop for silly photo-ops. If you have kids in the backseat, let them take a turn with the camera, it’s fun to see from their perspective! 

5. Download a few podcasts

Podcasts are great for long trips, especially if you’re driving alone. Do a deep dive into learning more about a hobby, get sucked into the drama of a true crime series, or find some RV-themed and travel podcasts.  

6. Play mad libs

From silly to scandalous, find a book of mad libs to play with your crew.

How do you pass the time on a long car trip? Share it with us on our social networks!


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