New Fall Hours

New Fall Hours for 150 mile & Quesnel locations

Tuesday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 4 PM
Sunday - Monday: Closed

and Storage services

Be ready for next year!

Storage starting at $60 month (100 and 150 Mile House only).

Fall Maintenance Season, book your maintenance package now
and be ready for next year!
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Chemo RV:
pronounced Chee-mo

derived from the Eskaleut word meaning Warm Greetings or Welcome!

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Experience the freedom of going anywhere, anytime.

At Chemo RV, we believe in experiencing true freedom, which includes worry free protection from the cost of repairs in the event of a mechanical breakdown. With locations in 100 Mile House, 150 Mile House and Quesnel, Chemo RV has the right fit for you and your warranty needs. We are there for you, when you need us most.
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Questions or help needed?
Chemo is the way to go!

We will help you find the best options adapted to your tastes!

If you are curious or not sure about anything related to your next RV purchase, we offer you a financial service that will lead you to a satisfying destination! If you already are an owner of a RV, feel free to use our excellent parts service!
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Come get anything that you might need!

We have a huge selection of parts and accessories

Parts in case you need a fix, cleaning supplies to make your RV feel brand new again, essentials to assure a great trip and many other items are available to you at our online shop. Go take a tour!
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Get to know us!

We are involved in our community and we are proud of it!

We think that the best way to get into RV is to get to know the people as much as the places you explore. That is why we organize community events to allow multiple RV fans to meet up! We also donate to local charities in order to help

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An RV takes transportation and living quarters and mixes them together to create a unique camping experience. There is something for everyone, from compact, space-saving models to luxury models that can be pulled into a family car.