Travel securely! How to Stop Rattling In Your RV

Is that rattle and shake in every cupboard and storage space driving you crazy as you cruise down the highway? How and what you pack in your RV can minimize the bounce, check out our tips.

Keep things corralled

Odds and ends in your cupboards and drawers can be securely grouped into soft baskets, cupboard organizers, or similar storage solutions to keep them in their place. 

Dampen the sounds

Got a particularly rattly cupboard of dishes? Consider storing your throw pillows or blankets on and around them to pack them in securely and dampen sound.

Use rubber, non-slip mats

Line the bottom of your cupboards with rubber non-slip mats or shelf liner. It will help to stop the slide.

Try magnets 

We love magnetic storage solutions for keeping things secure, like a magnetic spice rack in your RV’s kitchen. 

Secure it with a bungee cord 

Great for securing storage items or large, freestanding furniture, bungee cords can be used to secure items all around your RV for travel.

Swap those dishes 

Another simple way to minimize rattling noises is to purchase plastic, acrylic, or melamine dishware instead of glass or ceramic.

RV stabilizers

And finally, when you’re parked and setting up your site, use RV stabilizers to eliminate any sway and rattle as you walk around. Check out our RV Traveler’s Choice products for leveling and stabilizing.  

Do you have any tips or tricks for minimizing that rattle? Let us know on our social networks!


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