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Cooking in the Camper

Let’s talk food! Camping food, in particular. Let’s face it: when you think of food while camping, you automatically think of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and marshmallows. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are some fantastic go-to dishes that are as easy as a hotdog, and taste better than a burger… and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer to Taylor Swift on a paper plate,…

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The Camper - Tracer Air 244 Rental

The Dealer Whether you’re in the local area and looking for a weekend RV getaway, or travelling in from afar to the Cariboo region—or perhaps just looking for an alternative to a hotel for an event—Chemo RV has a rental unit sure to fit your wants and needs.  Chemo RV’s rental fleet is located at their 150 Mile House location. They have several trailers to choose from,…

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Majestic Mahood Pt. 3 : Deception Falls and Canim River Trail

Deception Falls We ate lunch and hung out at the beach before heading to check out the other falls on the park sign labeled “Deception Falls.” Because of the heat (and because I ran outta beef jerky bribery), we decided to unhook the truck from the rental RV and drive the 8km to the trail head. We had anticipated to make our way up the 0.8km trail to a little set of falls that we…

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Majestic Mahood Pt. 2 : Canim and Mahood Falls

On Saturday morning, we were greeted by a bluebird day!  We ate a later breakfast, and by 9:30 am, we were on our bikes making the 5km ride to what was marked the Canim Falls and Mahood Falls Trails. Half of this trip was an uphill ride. If it wasn’t for the beef jerky I was bribing Jax with, I think he would have tapped out and made me take the pickup truck. After around 50 minutes,…

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Majestic Mahood Pt. 1 : Getting There

Selecting locations for trips for us is always based on two things, really: quality of fishing and the related adventure opportunities near our selected destination! Mahood Lake is in Wells Gray Provincial Park, on the edge of the Cariboo Chilcotin and the north Thompson region boundaries. On paper, it looked as though this place had it all. So, after careful calculation (by careful, I mean Jax…

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