We slept much better our last night of camping! We woke up refreshed and grabbed our rods to try to catch a fish or two before we packed up to head home.


Neighbouring campers told us the fishing is the best by the mouth of the river where the water runs in—but they must have meant by boat. We didn’t mind a little bush whacking to get there, even though we got completely soaked.


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Von jumped a foot in the air as a huge garter snake slithered right in front of his feet. I had a good laugh! It even had a big bulge in its belly, so it must have just eaten something. Yuck!


Sophie was the only one who wore runners, so she headed back to the playground to join her new friends. Ava joined Von and I for our first fishing attempt of the day.



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We walked Ava back to be with Sophie at the playground so we could head back through the trail to fish a bit more. Not catching fish is kinda boring when you’re six years old.


Mahood Lake Playground


Von was impressed with my casting skills. He is, after all, the one who taught me! But even good casting skills didn’t bring a fish in. Oh well, we tried.


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We headed back to the trailer and started packing everything up. That has to be our least favourite thing about camping—packing up and heading home.


The girls said goodbye to the friends they made at the campground and said that they can’t wait for our next camping trip.


We feel so fortunate to be Chemo RVʼs camper family this year. We thoroughly enjoyed trying out two new fantastic trailers, as well as going on two really great family adventures!

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Camping is such a simple way to get away and enjoy each other’s company. We love discovering new places, new trails and learning about more beautiful locations in the Cariboo.


We really do live in one of the most amazing places in B.C. and camping truly let’s you enjoy it in the best way possible. Some of the nicest places on earth are right in our own backyard!