There is a poster in the girl’s washroom at Crooked Lake Resort that sets out “Life’s Little Instructions.” When I first read it, I assumed it was just a random piece of art hung to decorate the space. But, after spending a weekend with Kim and Al, the owners and hosts of Crooked Lake Resort, it became clear that they follow those instructions. They practice what the poster preaches.



When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and personally escorted to our camp site which was located directly across from the playground, the ideal spot for our group—which included young children.


Crooked Lake Resort was as lovely as its hosts. Every evening, Kim and Al walked through the resort to check on their guests and see if they needed anything. It’s the camping equivalent of a turndown service. They were engaging and attentive with guests of all ages.


Kim invited the kids to dig for worms in exchange for freezies—which was all the motivation they needed. She showed them her worm farm in the greenhouse and let them feed them watermelon rinds.  


Al showed the kids the generator, let them sit on the tractor and taught them how to use the wood splitter (safely, of course).



On the drive home, Riel told us her favourite part of camping was the tractor tour. You just never know what will be memorable for kids!


Nelo was thrilled to return to camp with a piece of wood he had made himself. It was exciting for the kids to burn wood that they cut themselves on their own campfire.



The cabins and the campgrounds manage to be just the right mix of rugged and refined.



For example: RV sites have power, but it’s only available in the evenings when the generator is running. There are dry sites available. You can pick between outhouses or flushing toilets; a choice Riel was most thankful for since she believes alligators live in outhouses.


There is a wash house, a ramada with a picnic table and free hot showers—little luxuries when you’re tenting.



Best of all, the campsites are enormous, and the resort’s location is beautiful. Essentially, everyone gets waterfront property overlooking snow-capped mountain peaks. 



The resort is remote, so the lake is quiet. Chances are, you may be the only one on, or in, the water. There are no weeds in the swimming area and the water is brisk. We brought our paddle boards and enjoyed a lot of time on the water. The quiet, calm lake was the perfect place for the kids to practice paddling on their own. 



Life’s Little Instructions: “sing in the shower,” (it’s hot and free) “plant flowers every spring,” (in the greenhouse) “have a dog,” (or many) “leave the toilet seat in the down position,” (alligators!) “watch a sunrise at least once a year” (the view is beautiful) and “never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.”