It’s was Sunday morning. We were awake, and the sun was shining. It’s another blue blazer of a day!

It didn’t take Jax long to dig out his fishing pole while I prepared breakfast and sipped my coffee. It was already hot as ever, so swimming in the river was inevitable. We fabricated a makeshift rope swing and the fun began. It’s hard to keep a schedule sometimes when you reach places like this, and you just want time to stop.


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After swimming, we went back towards the lake to see the stunning waterfalls. Most people drive out just for that sight. We spent the next couple hours hiking along the trails to the viewpoints—snapping photos like we were the paparazzi. We filled ourselves with highbush blueberries and huckleberries along the way—letting the mist from the falls cool us down. This truly is one of the most beautiful parts of B.C., and there aren’t really any people.

Chemo RV BC Waterfalls

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After the waterfalls, we bid farewell to our camping buddies, the Smiths, and started to head over to the summit of Likely, B.C. 

Originally, we had planned on hiking a popular trail into the mountains. However, due to the heat and how much fun Jax was having at our last camp, I decided not to hike today. It would have been nice, but I think the heat would have been too much for my travel companion’s short little legs. 

Near the trailhead is the Chocolate Moose Café. It sells coffees, pizza, and cheesecake! This is a cash-only café, so unfortunately, we couldn’t partake as all I had was cards. But, do make sure to bring cash and check it out! It’s a beautiful little spot they have set up. We will definitely be checking it out when we return to conquer the trail.

This leg, we played a game where we would swim in every creek or lake we passed, and ride our bikes down any hill worthy of riding down.

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I unloaded Jax’s bike and let him ride down a hill. It was the cause of at least 50 belly laughs and was worth the extra time—100%. 

Later, we arrived at the Ladies Creek Rec site—just in time to scoop the last remaining site. It was a perfect day. We finished the evening with a beach fire-cooked dinner, and a sunset paddle on the lake as we watched the sun fade over the mountains.

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