The kids went for a quick swim before we loaded up in the boat for our last fishing trip of our camping trip. Fishing didn’t last very long though, as another storm was rolling in. I wanted to head back to camp before we were caught in it. We settled into the motorhome just as the rain came down.

When we go camping, I always make sure to pack rainy-day activities such as books, games and crafts. Rowan and Tennessee grabbed some books and cuddled on the couch with blankets and stuffies so he could read to her. Brent and I brewed some coffee on the stove and visited at the table while Addisyn caught up on her knitting. With the rain not letting up anytime soon, we brought out a board game.

Even with the rain, we had such a great time as a family in the motorhome. Our lives get so busy at home, so camping allows us to slow things down and be together as a family. A camping trip doesn’t always have to be jam packed with activities and adventures—just being together sitting around the fire or playing a boardgame is great.

One of my favorite camping memories as a child was setting up camp with my dad. Every June, we would take part in a fishing derby. To get a good spot at the campsite, we would have to get there early in the week. My dad would pull me out of school for three days so he and I could head to the campsite and get a lakefront spot to set up at.

My mom and brother would then come out on the Friday after work. During this time with my dad, he would tell me stories of his adventures as a kid, teach me to chop kindling, to make a fire and how to gut a fish. Every camping trip is another chance for us to teach the kids those same things and have those memories stay with them when they are grown.

Brent and his new friend Clyde wanted to get one last fishing attempt in before they loaded the boat, so they headed out on the water. We went back to their campsite to visit while the kids played with their new friend Haley.

I attempted to make Jiffy Pop on the campfire. One popped and I burnt the other one. The kids were content just hanging around the fire, listening to music and having some down time.

Thunder started to crack in the sky. The kids got scared and wanted to go back to camp. It was only 8pm and still too early to go to bed, so we cuddled up on the couch in the motorhome, sang songs and had the kids read some stories.

On our last morning, Brent and I were up early. He made the coffee (another must-have for camping), I set up the chairs and we enjoyed each other’s company—sipping coffee while looking out on a perfect view. It was quiet and peaceful.

We all really needed this camping trip with how crazy this year has turned out to be. When we go camping, we can escape and unplug.

Our best memories of this trip were being able to kayak to the beach every day, making new friends and the down time we had together. Rowan learned how to fish from his kayak, Addisyn learned how to chop wood, and Tennessee learned that if she ties her kayak to Addisyn’s, she doesn’t have to paddle. Brent had also taught the kids to cast with a bobber from shore.

We are all excited for our next camping trip, as it is to a spot we’ve camped at every summer since we’ve moved to Prince George. It’s a great midway spot to camp at with friends and family from Williams Lake. Stay tuned for our next trip!