With RVs that are lighter, small and more fuel-efficient than ever, it’s even easier to go green. Here are some ways you can go even further to reduce your environmental impact:

1. Tune up

Keep your RV and tow vehicle engines tuned up, so you can reduce fuel emissions.

2. Recycle

Take note of the different recycling programs along your travels. Your campsite may have different rules, that aren’t the same as home.

3. Do the dishes

Disposable plates, bowls and utensils may seem convenient, but they’re actually very wasteful.

4. Keep campfires small

Make sure your campfires are as small as they can be, to avoid excess ash and pollution.

5. Lightbulb moment

Make sure all your bulbs are LED, they use much less electricity and they’ll last longer.

6. Go solar

A portable solar charger can power most of your electronic devices, saving you money and energy.

7. Check tire pressure

Having the correct tire pressure can improve your fuel economy by up to 3% and can also avoid expensive tire wear and blowouts.