Well, hello there!

We are this year’s Chemo RV camper family—otherwise known as the Rywaczuks! Don’t try to say it...

I’m Jamie. I’ve been a Cariboo girl my whole life and love this area—the land of 1,000 lakes and so much more! I own a preschool-based daycare and I’m a mama to three beautiful girls. My eldest is about to graduate from the RN program at UBCO, my middle daughter Sophie is ten years old and my youngest Ava is six years old. I know, big age gap!

My husband Von is from the Kootenays but moved up here when we met 13 years ago—and is now a Caribooian.

We are a very outdoorsy family. We’re always looking for new places to check out, always outside and always together. My family enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and boating in the summer. “Family first” is our motto!

Chemo RV Travel Trailer Rental


Our first camp was out at the crystal clear Green Lake. This lake is about 35 minutes from 100 Mile House—where we live—and one of the prettiest lakes around.

Our adventure began on a Friday evening in May... Oh, what a day! We packed everything in a torrential downpour and made our way out at 4pm. There was loads of traffic, as it was May long weekend—the first “official” camp trip of the season for most B.C. residents!

We were so excited to use this Radiance Ultra Lite trailer. We noticed how easy it was to tow using our half ton pickup. The features inside are so nice, crisp, clean, modern, and lots and lots of room for a family of four. It was even complete with soft leather seating and a fireplace. Now, if we could just figure out a way to attach a hot tub. Just kidding… sort of!

Chemo RV Travel Trailer Rental Interior

The girls’ favourite part was, of course, the bunks. The girls love bunk beds. What kid doesn't? I think it's because the kids feel like they’re in a fort, and the negotiation that comes along with who gets the top bunk and who gets the bottom bunk is always fun. 

My husband’s favourite part—the outdoor kitchen. Von liked the fact that the outdoor kitchen is accessible, easier to tidy up from the outside, and easier to access than going in and out of the trailer. It's like BBQing on the deck—except out in nature.

My favourite part was the fireplace. Hey, I like warmth! Surprising that I call the Cariboo my home when we sometimes experience four seasons in one day.

We arrived at Sunset Provincial Park, one of our favourite places to camp. We always see the most amazing sunsets. The water in Green Lake is so clear and the green colours that show up in photos are amazing!

Sunset Provincial Park Travel Trailer Rental

Sunset Provincial Park Kayak Travel Trailer

We usually know the park ranger, as they are most often a local. Being a Cariboo girl my whole life, you get to know everyone. Sure enough, we knew this one!

The park ranger was great. She asked us if we needed any fire wood, and if we wanted her to drive around the campground to scope out a different spot. But we were happy with the one we chose.  

We found a nice little spot: some trees for shade, spacious, and not far from the playground or lake.

Sunset Provincial Park Travel Trailer Rental

Green Lake Provincial Park Travel Trailer Rental BC

We got settled in and got the fire going. Von started on hot dogs for our first night’s easy dinner. I put clothes away and made the unit “home” for the three days we would spend in it!

Chemo RV Green Lake RV Rental BC

It rained… and rained... and rained... but, we still sat out under the awning, telling jokes, eating hot dogs, watching our dogs eye up the hot dogs, and just enjoying being out in nature.

Chemo RV Rental Green Lake Travel Trailer

Green Lake Travel Trailer Rental BC

After the 1,000th mosquito bite, we decided to call it an evening. We hunkered down inside the trailer and played a family game of Uno. Which, I always lose at… but, gracefully. Actually, I’m lying… I do pout a little.

Green Lake Provincial Park Sunset View

We tucked the girls in, crawled into the giant king-sized bed—which, is a huge bonus—and said goodnight. We’re hoping for sunny skies tomorrow, for some family adventures at beautiful Green Lake.