Let’s talk food! Camping food, in particular.

Let’s face it: when you think of food while camping, you automatically think of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and marshmallows. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are some fantastic go-to dishes that are as easy as a hotdog, and taste better than a burger… and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer to Taylor Swift on a paper plate, on a first date!


First things first…. Infamous breakfast!

For me, like many born in the ‘80s, camping breakfast was a mini-box of cereal that came in a 6-pack.  The first morning, you would have Froot Loops, then Corn Pops… and by the end of the trip, you were stuck choking down the Rice Crispies with luke warm milk.

Well, I certainly don’t drink milk for that reason to this day and, as a single dad, if I can rise up against this first light travesty, then so can you!

Let me introduce to you: the Zip-lock Bag Omelette

Yes, you heard it: Zip-lock Bag Omelette! The best part about this, is all you need is a Zip-lock bag (yes, I did just say that three times in a row) and a pot of boiling water to prepare it.

So, that means no dishes and you can make it in the same time it takes you to perk that coffee you’re going to dump your Baileys into! 

The Method

Fill a medium to large pot ¾ full of water and turn on medium heat to start the boiling process.

Next chop your omelette ingredients. I pre-cut my ingredients at home just for ease of preparation and so that it doesn’t cut into my coffee time. 

I usually use ham, cheese, peppers, and onions—only because those ingredients easily last multiple days in a cooler, and they taste great in an omelette.  But, of course, you can add any ingredient you would like.



You’ll need a Zip-lock bag. I usually use the wide zip ones to ensure there’s no leaks. 

Crack your eggs into the bag (this is where you get the kids involved). Squish them around so that they become “scrambled” and then add the desired omelette ingredients into the bag and mix them around.

Once you’ve added the desired ingredients, seal the bag and pop it in the boiling water.


It usually takes about 3-5 minutes, depending on how hot the water is.

Once the egg is firm, pull the bag out of the water, open the seal, and dump out on a plate.


I promise you will have such a delicious, aesthetically-pleasing omelette on that plate that even Toucan Sam will follow his nose from his camp to yours for breakfast!


Dinner (the main event)

In most cases, you wouldn’t cook tubes of mystery meat on a stick in the oven at home—so why do it as your main campfire course?

One of my favourite campsite meals is as easy as cooking a boxed burger, but it tastes like angel tears when you’re around a picnic table in the middle of nowhere.

You’ll need:
Chicken breasts
Red onion
Tzatziki sauce
Naan bread

Basically, the same amount of ingredients as a burger.

Slice the chicken breasts into strips, and fry in a pan with desired seasoning.

While the chicken is cooking, I cut up the tomato, red onion, and lettuce. 

Once the chicken is done, remove it from the pan and grill a slice of naan bread. Once the naan starts going brown, flip it and grill the opposite side.

Once naan is warmed up, remove it and add another to the pan.

While the next one is cooking, spread tzatziki to one side of the naan, and on the other half add some cooked chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and feta.

Fold in half and voila! You have a one-hand one-pan delicious dinner!

Pair that with that deli salad you picked up at Safeway, and a bottle of cab-sav, and you have a campfire meal bound to have a song written about!


Camp cooking tips:

  • Prep what you can at home:  You have running water, and a huge counter. Cut as much up as you can, and keep it in storage containers. This makes your meals quicker and easier while on your adventure.
  • Keep it simple stupid: Do as many one-dish meals as you can. This cuts down on dishes and ensures you get your fair share of that cab-sav.
  • Organize your storage: I freeze everything I can to maximize on ice and keeping my groceries cold. And, I organize my coolers into sections per day. If you’re going for three days, try to divide your cooler into three sections: dinners on the bottom, lunch in the middle, and breakfast on the top.  Not only does this make it easy to find the meals, it means your cooler is open for shorter periods of time and your food stays fresher longer.