We woke up early from our sweet little campsite and left shortly after. We decided not to cook breakfast, but rather grab something from one of the cafés in Wells, B.C.

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This town is such an awesome little place! The vibe, especially in the summer, is contagious in a good way. All the buildings are bright and vibrant colors, and there are lots of café options for a little place, all in a picturesque mountain setting. 

Plan your visit around August long weekend and take part in the ArtsWells Festival. It is a family-friendly event that fills the whole town with music, arts, and acting.

We did the loop around Pooley St. to see the historic Wells Hotel and then swung into the Jack’ O’ Clubs General for some gas and cinnamon for our French toast. This is a beautiful building that has everything you need to stock up on for the area’s adventure opportunities. Half of it is a general store/post office/liquor outlet and the other half is a pub/restaurant. There is a stage in the pub and throughout the summer months there are many performers that come through town. It’s more than “pub food” too! I saw the chef going to the food smoker with a tray full of fresh halibut for that night’s dinner special. Unfortunately, we were too early to check out their full menu but we will be checking it out again. The dinner plates that they preview on their Facebook page look amazing. 

We went next door to the Bears Paw Café. These ladies also have it all figured out. We sat on their quaint patio, and admired the view. Jax man had waffles and I had an amazing chai/oatmeal parfait. Definitely check this place out if you’re in town. Between its cute motif, incredible menu, and personable employees, this is a place you could take a first date or a bad mother-in-law to win their hearts! 

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While we were at the Bears Paw, we met up with a family that we knew. They had just purchased an RV and this was their maiden voyage! We talked them into joining us for an adventure that day. Just like that, we had a two-trailer convoy pulling out of Wells, on our way for the mountains. We were all extremely excited for the adventure the day had in store for us! 


What we learned in Wells:

  • Look online prior to visiting; there is most likely a show or performance you can time with your visit! 

  • The food here is amazing 

  • The Bears Paw Café makes an incredible Gin Caesar for their brunch menu