A Humble Thank You

Chemo RV has been serving the Cariboo region for more than 40 years. When you walk up the steps to our front door the wall reads “Welcome to the house Jack built”.

Jack lit a fire of customer service, quality manufacturers and building sincere relationships and his son Jason, now the owner of the business, has carried that torch proudly.


Earlier this month, in front of family, staff and friends, our leader by example, Jason accepted the Canadian RV Dealer of the Year Award from the RV Dealership Association of Canada.  


The award is presented to the dealership that:

  • Demonstrates a long term commitment to community
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the RVDA at the provincial or national level
  • Has been recognized by customers and peers as someone with high integrity and credibility in their work and personal life, and;
  • Has made a contribution to their community

Jason’s long been a proud member of the RVDA. This summer, as fires threatened his community and his business he pushed up his sleeves and pitched in wherever and however he could. Jason was like the First Responders’ first responder. He donated units as temporary housing, made deliveries of food, water, gift cards and donated $54,000 to The Red Cross and local fire departments.  

Jason’s win comes just 13 years after his father’s. Jack won this prestigious honour in 2004, making them the first father-son duo to both win the award. Jack passed not just his passion on to Jason, he also passed on a lifelong dedication to the RV lifestyle.


Jason was honoured to have also won the B.C. Dealer of the Year award. The win is a wonderful local complement to the national acknowledgement.


Humbled and proud, Jason was almost speechless (a rare occasion for us at Chemo!). “This industry is in my blood, but I couldn’t have done it without the example set by my dad, my incredible staff, and our customers. We’re all a part of the Chemo RV family,” he said. “Our customers believe in the RV lifestyle as much as us. They’ve helped us support our community and are a huge part of the continued generosity we’ve been able to pass on. Thank you, truly.”