Tips & Treasures

A Day Trip to Wells

We woke up early from our sweet little campsite and left shortly after. We decided not to cook breakfast, but rather grab something from one of the cafés in Wells, B.C. This town is such an awesome little place! The vibe, especially in the summer, is contagious in a good way. All the buildings are bright and vibrant colors, and there are lots of café options for a little place,…

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Ghost Lake to Likely

It’s was Sunday morning. We were awake, and the sun was shining. It’s another blue blazer of a day! It didn’t take Jax long to dig out his fishing pole while I prepared breakfast and sipped my coffee. It was already hot as ever, so swimming in the river was inevitable. We fabricated a makeshift rope swing and the fun began. It’s hard to keep a schedule…

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Ghost Lake Living

The Gold Trail is in tremendous condition right now, and can be travelled with ease. Be cautious, however, as it is an active haul route for log-hauling trucks. Two-way calling is advised. If you don’t have a two-way radio and see logging activity, try to follow a logging truck or vehicle. There is lighter traffic in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. The road is…

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Barkerville and Hornets

Jax and I started to clip along some old logging roads that were on the way to our campsite, down the old mining road to the river. When we were coming up to where I was planning on parking, we were greeted by four dogs—the biggest being a Great Pyrenees crossed with maybe a small horse or perhaps some other enormous animal, and the smallest being the…

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The Cariboo Gold Rush

    Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches, go with the flow, and realize that everything happens for a reason!  Today we had a later start than we had hoped for, so we ended up changing our plan slightly to accommodate the late departure. We set out to do the Barkerville/Likely historic Gold Rush Circle Route, and planned on staying in one of the Barkerville…

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