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Family Fun at Crooked Lake Resort

We were snug as bugs in the RV when the rain started on the second day of our camping trip. Happily, we were still able to hear the raindrops on the roof.     Austin and I made a big breakfast in the RV and under the awning while Riel watched TV, Nelo played with his toy cars and their aunt Kirsten read.     After breakfast, we put the kids in their rain gear and let them…

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Our Stay at Crooked Lake Resort

There is a poster in the girl’s washroom at Crooked Lake Resort that sets out “Life’s Little Instructions.” When I first read it, I assumed it was just a random piece of art hung to decorate the space. But, after spending a weekend with Kim and Al, the owners and hosts of Crooked Lake Resort, it became clear that they follow those instructions. They practice what the poster…

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Arriving at Crooked Lake Resort

Hi, Cariboo Region! My name is Paola. Myself, my husband Austin, and our two kids, Nelo and Riel, are Chemo RV’s 2021 summer camping family!   Camping is important to our family and something we try to do regularly. We love exploring new places, cultures and meeting new people. A year after we began to date, Austin and I spent a month touring Alaska and the Yukon while staying in a tiny…

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Making Camping Memories

> More family joined us from Williams Lake for our fourth camping day. My cousin Ashley, her husband Kyle, their kids Brooke and Cruz, and my Auntie Lindee came to camp. They had never camped there before, so we took them on the grand tour of the park and showed them the amenities. Like free hot showers! The kids ran off to the park to play and explore the beach. For lunch, my mom cooked her…

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Camping Fun with Family and Friends

On our third day, we wanted to go to Barkerville, as it’s been several years since we’ve made a trip to visit the town. Brent and my dad are interested in mining and the history of the area, so we always learn something new when we go with them. Rowan sat out this trip to stay behind with Nana, so I took the girls. Barkerville is about an hour from the campsite.   Along the way,…

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