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Decorating Your RV

So you’ve bought the RV of your dreams, but maybe it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. Here’s a few handy ideas to make your rig the envy of the campground. 1. Theme Choose a fun theme, like vintage, western or nautical so that your décor works together perfectly.
 2. Rugs, pillows and curtains
 Make your own curtains or add a bright rug or pillow arrangement for an…

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Eco-friendly RVing

With RVs that are lighter, small and more fuel-efficient than ever, it’s even easier to go green. Here are some ways you can go even further to reduce your environmental impact: 1. Tune up Keep your RV and tow vehicle engines tuned up, so you can reduce fuel emissions.2. Recycle Take note of the different recycling programs along your travels. Your campsite may have different…

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Chemo RV Packing Checklist

Download your own copy of the Chemo RV Packing Checklist here!

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Top 10 RV Must-Haves

1.     The right tool for the job No matter how new and shiny your RV is, it’s always best to be prepared for minor repairs. Having the right tools handy to repair equipment or furniture is essential. We recommend getting a basic tool kit, but there are some extras you can pack to make your trip go swimmingly. Tape (duct tape for quick fixes and silicone rescue tape…

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RV Storage Hacks

One of the best things about an RV adventure is that you don’t have to leave everything at home. Follow our simple storage hacks and you’ll be able to fit in even more of the things you need and keep them organized. Storage bins can help you make the most of your closet, drawer and cabinet space.Use a magnetic strip in your kitchen area to keep knives and utensils out of the way.Place…

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