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Tips & Treasures

Making Camping Memories

> More family joined us from Williams Lake for our fourth camping day. My cousin Ashley, her husband Kyle, their kids Brooke and Cruz, and my Auntie Lindee came to camp. They had never camped there before, so we took them on the grand tour of the park and showed them the amenities. Like free hot showers! The kids ran off to the park to play and explore the beach. For lunch, my mom cooked her…

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Camping Fun with Family and Friends

On our third day, we wanted to go to Barkerville, as it’s been several years since we’ve made a trip to visit the town. Brent and my dad are interested in mining and the history of the area, so we always learn something new when we go with them. Rowan sat out this trip to stay behind with Nana, so I took the girls. Barkerville is about an hour from the campsite.   Along the way,…

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Learning New Camping Skills

We all slept in on the second day of our camping trip. The motorhome was so warm and toasty—why not stay in bed and catch extra zzz’s? Brent started the coffee. Best way to start the day! The stove in the motorhome fires up so quickly—and no camping trip is complete without our handy coffee percolator. We grabbed our mugs and went to mom and dad’s campsite beside ours to…

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Setting Up Camp at Ten Mile Lake

Rain… Rain… Rain… But we were thankful we had a beautiful Coachmen motorhome to stay in for our second family camping trip!   For this this trip, we decided to camp at Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park. It is located approximately 12 km north of Quesnel. This campsite has always been the perfect location to meet halfway for our extended family and friends from Williams…

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Family Time on a Rainy Day

  The kids went for a quick swim before we loaded up in the boat for our last fishing trip of our camping trip. Fishing didn’t last very long though, as another storm was rolling in. I wanted to head back to camp before we were caught in it. We settled into the motorhome just as the rain came down. When we go camping, I always make sure to pack rainy-day activities such as books, games…

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