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SylvanSport GO for Sale BC

Chemo RV is B.C.’s leading retailer for SylvanSport GO trailers for sale. Watch the videos and read more about these lightweight camper trailers and utility trailers!

Picture your perfect camping set up. Once you’ve packed up the kids and the food and the gear, it can get hard to find the room for the things you want and need on your camping trip. SylvanSport offers solutions to your travel troubles, and a new innovation in hauling. The SylvanSport Go and GO Easy utility trailer will transform your trip, into an adventure. The saying ”you’ll never leave home without it” has never been so accurate!

Now, you can picture your camping set up, not just as your home away from home, but your adventure away from home, too. With the Sylvan GO your haul can include all the toys you need for the ultimate camping experience. The SylvanSport GO is the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers. Pack it full of your boats, bikes, kayaks and camping gear.

This versatile trailer can be set up in a number of different configurations to best suit your needs. Use a low profile to hold small containers or boxes of gear. Or, raise it up for larger storage containers. It even fits an ATV! This is the perfect camping trailer for the B.C. family camping trip.

Once fully extended, the trailer doubles as an extra living space. You can use the space as an extra or spare bedroom, living quarters, or even your very own add-on dining room. Imagine an extra space set up as a kid’s retreat, or for guests passing through.

The SylvanSport GO is easy to tow and is perfect for active families and camping in B.C.. This is the coolest, modern camping trailer on the market. 

SylvanSport GO



Get up and GO!



Transform your trips!



Weighing only 840lbs. this camping trailer lets you haul everything you need (and want!) and then camp out in the revolutionary tent design.

Comes with 4 mattresses, 2 beds/tables, stabilizing jacks, a cover and more!

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