How To Winterize your RV

It’s coming: winter! And as days shorten and temperatures drop, you’ll need to properly prepare your vehicle for its winter hibernation.

Winterize Your Water System

To avoid freezing and the potential hazard of cracked and leaky pipes, flush and drain your vehicle’s entire water system. Turn your water heater off and open all the faucets. Follow your unit’s owner’s manual for specific instructions.

For additional protection, pick up an approved water system antifreeze from your local RV Care dealership. We recommend a propylene glycol based product. NEVER USE automotive antifreeze! It is extremely toxic and should never be used in you RV’s water system.

Clear out any food

No one likes uninvited guests, especially of the rodent variety. To prevent an infestation, clear out your cupboards, fridge and freezer of all edible foodstuffs.

Clean the Exterior

To prevent ugly staining and damaging mould and mildew, give the exterior and the awning of your vehicle a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to inspect your vehicle’s seals and avoid possible leaks later on.

Protect your investment with Magic Boss cleaning products.

Remove the Battery

To get the maximum service life from your battery, do not leave it connected during the winter months and properly store it in a cool, dry place with a temperature no lower than 0°C and no higher than 27°C. Do not, however, leave it in your home or near combustible material.

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Avoid Mould and Mildew Build Up

Avoid moisture build-up inside your RV during the winter by using dehumidifying crystals. They will work to keep mould and mildew away.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your local RV Care dealer for expert advice and service.


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