Family Fun at Crooked Lake Resort

We were snug as bugs in the RV when the rain started on the second day of our camping trip. Happily, we were still able to hear the raindrops on the roof.

Austin and I made a big breakfast in the RV and under the awning while Riel watched TV, Nelo played with his toy cars and their aunt Kirsten read.

After breakfast, we put the kids in their rain gear and let them loose on the puddles. Within minutes, Nelo was swimming in one. His rainboots were off and he was soaking wet! Shortly, I discovered that ten pairs of socks for him was not enough for a three-night trip. 

One of my favourite camping memories was a weekend we spent at Mahood in Wells Gray Provincial Park when it rained heavily the entire weekend. I loved it because it was the most relaxing weekend I can remember having in a long time. I read multiple books, watched movies and did very little. The weather forced us to really rest and relax—something we tend not to do enough of. So, I really don’t mind camping in the rain (as long as I’m not in a tent).

Uncle Richard and the McCoubrey family (Ayrilee, Graham, Keelan, Aven and Orien) arrived later that day. The kids were happy to have more playmates. We had to wait a few hours for the rain to let up before we could help them pitch their tents!

Kirsten and Richard took naps after long, busy work weeks. R&R goes hand in hand with camping!

We ate a potluck spaghetti dinner under a ramada on the resort. As we were finishing, the clouds finally dissipated, and the sun made an appearance.

Drier weather meant we could go back out on the paddle boards! We also enjoyed more s’mores by the campfire.

Aven took a tumble in the mud, so Riel filled up the washtub with warm water from the wash house—which eventually led to the girls giving each other to spa treatments.

Nelo and Orien enjoyed the Flintstone cars courtesy of the resort. We’re sure Orien spent more than five hours just sitting in the car over the course of his visit! They provided great shelter from the rain.

Sunday was Father’s Day. The kids woke up excited to celebrate the dads!

We watched loons on the foggy lake in the early morning. It didn’t take long for things to warm up and the sun to shine.

Riel and Nelo’s grandmom, who they call Nonie, arrived with her dog, Quinn. 

The day got warmer, so the kids were excited to head out and spend time by the water. They hopped in their wetsuits, threw on their lifejackets, and strapped on their goggles to splash, paddle and play around in the lake.

All the kids tried paddle boarding. Riel and Keelan even took them out solo and quickly become quite astute paddling on their own.

Aven searched long and hard for Cariboo gold in the shoreline rocks and played a few rounds of dunk-a-lunk with Nelo.  

The McCoubrey’s had to head home, but we managed to get in a dance session and a group photo before they left. We felt so lucky to have friends join us because it makes for an even better experience and great memories.

After another comfortable night with a sound sleep, we woke up Monday and dismantled our fort so we could begin the trek home.

The bigger motorhome was a huge luxury for our family; something we really noticed when it was raining. Eight of us were able to comfortably enjoy time inside the unit.

We were glad to not have to make and unmake a bed every day because there were enough large beds for everyone to have their own or bunk together if they wanted.

In addition to the square footage, our favourite features were the built-in generator, the electric awning, outdoor lighting, the gauge that told us how much propane was left and the solar energy.


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