Your Five Essential RV Parts and Accessories

Whether it’s for safety, enjoyment or maintenance—RV parts are important additions. RV parts and accessories can help preserve your unit and even save your RV trip if you get caught in a mechanical bind! Just like when you pack all the essentials for a camping trip, stocking up on the right parts and accessories is necessary.

Here are five essential RV parts and accessories that will enhance your RVing experience!

Essential RV parts and RV accessories - Chemo RV

Tool kit 

Just like the tool kit that you keep at home to make quick fixes, it’s good to have a tool kit when you head out on the road in your RV. You don’t want to find yourself stuck if something happens to go wrong with your unit halfway into your trip!

Whether you buy a toolkit or assemble one from scratch, some important tools that you should always include for common RV problems are: screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, a hammer, bungee cords with hooks, duct tape, a tire gauge, silicone and an assortment of nuts and bolts.


RV cover

RV covers help keep your RV in its top condition by protecting it from the elements. Why not just use a tarp? RV covers protect against mildew-causing moisture—while tarps don’t. In fact, tarps actually trap moisture in your unit and can cause more damage than using nothing at all. A cover is a simple way to help preserve and maintain your RV.

RV covers also help protect against UV rays, as long-term sun exposure can decrease the value of your unit. It can also help prevent insects and rodents from entering your unit during the winter. No one wants to open their RV in the spring to find a bunch of critters camped out in their unit!


Spare breakaway cable

When you tow your RV with a breakaway switch, the breakaway cable attaches the switch to your unit. If an issue occurs when you’re towing your RV and it separates from your vehicle, the cable will activate the breakaway switch and help slow the unit down. Should that cable get worn out—or even break—it’s wise to keep a spare one in your vehicle in case you have to reattach your unit.


Emergency sewer hose

Your RV’s sewer hose helps clean your unit of waste and water by connecting your RV’s toilet to an external sewage system. With use, your sewer hose can become worn and develop leaks. That’s why you should always bring a spare hose when you head out in your RV—it may save you from a messy job!


Mosquito coils

Pesky mosquitos always find their way into campsites—especially in Interior BC. Mosquito coils are a good solution to keeping them at bay. The coils smoulder, creating a continuous fume that repels mosquitos. They should only be used in outdoor spaces. Avoid using them inside, as they can be dangerous to inhale in a confined space. Place the coil in a common area outside of your RV and enjoy a summer free from mosquito bites!

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What are some essential RV parts and accessories?

  • RV tool kit
  • RV cover
  • Spare breakaway cable
  • Emergency sewer hose
  • Mosquito coils

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