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What to Expect When Trading in Your RV

Are you looking to trade in your RV for something new—or new-to-you—for the next camping season? Chemo RV is your one-stop shop RV trader in BC. Whether you’re trading your unit for a new or used one—here is an overview of what you can expect when trading in your RV.

chemo rv quesnel what to expect in trade

You will be asked questions about the condition of your RV

Just like when you sell your used vehicle, you’ll be asked to provide information about the condition of your RV. You’ll be asked questions like whether your RV has ever had any damage or repairs, and when it was last serviced. This will help determine its current value. Generally, the better condition (or nicer looking) the RV, the more valuable it is.


You will be asked if you bought it new or used

Just like disclosing when your vehicle was last serviced, your RV trader will also want to know if you bought your RV new or used. This will also help determine the current trade value.


You will be asked if you own it

Owning your RV outright will play a role in the trade-in value. If you fully own your RV and are no longer financing it, the final trade-in value will simply be deducted from the new or used RV that you’re trading for. In this case, you'll need to provide payout information. If you are still financing your RV, you may either be credited or owe the remaining difference on your loan.

You will be asked why you want to trade

It helps for us to know what you are in the market for and what you don’t like about your current model. When your RV trader has this knowledge, they’ll be able to recommend the best fit for your next RV.

You may be asked to fill out an appraisal form

Your RV trader will want to inspect what you’re trading in. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find time to bring your RV down to your trader—but, it’s still possible to get the ball rolling on your trade until you can come in. If your RV hasn’t been seen by your trader yet, they may ask you to sign an appraisal form that outlines the condition of your unit. This will help your trader get a general sense of the condition of your RV and its trade-in value.

Expect your RV trade-in to be sold at the market price

If you want to get a sense of what the market price is for your RV, its best to look online to see what model you’re trading-in is currently selling for. When you’re searching for the market price, make sure you search the exact year and make and model of your unit in order to get the most accurate market price. Knowing the market price before selecting your new or used RV will give you a good idea of the value or equivalent price of your trade-in.


Your RV trade-in will need to be reconditioned

Whether you just bought your RV last year or you’ve had it for a decade, it is standard procedure to recondition and recertify all our trade-ins before we resell them. Our priority is safety and offering units in their best condition. While the cost to recondition and recertify your RV has to be factored into its trade-value, you’ll save any difference incurred on your trade. Trade-in units do not have additional taxes added, while new and used RVs do.

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