The Beginner's Guide to RVs

Getting ready to take the plunge into the exciting RV lifestyle? There can be a lot of questions to answer before you’re ready! From what types of RV there are, what kind of license you need, how to drive an RV and even what kind of gas mileage you can expect – here are our most frequently asked questions from beginners like you.



Is it difficult to drive an RV?

RVs, in general, are not difficult to drive, but it depends on your experience and the type and size of RV you’re driving. The larger the RV, the higher the difficulty especially when it comes to turning and control. Generally, some good practice can have you on the road comfortably in hardly any time.

How fast should you drive an RV?

It's safe to keep your driving speed to about 85km/h-95km/h on the highway. This is slightly under the speed limit for most Canadian highways.

What types of campgrounds can I stay at in an RV?

There are many types of campgrounds you can stay at in an RV, but it’s always best to check ahead with the specific campground. Some offer full hookups of power, water, and sewage, others have water and power, some offer just power, and others have no hookups. Many require you to back into a spot, but some offer pull-through sites for larger units.

What type of RV is best for my family?

The best type of RV for your family is whichever works best for your needs and budget. This is different for everyone. Check out our tips on choosing the best RV for your family.

How many people can an RV sleep?

How many people an RV can sleep depends on the size and type of the unit. Some units can sleep two people, while others can sleep 12! We have lots of different unit sizes that can accommodate the size of most families.

Can I drive an RV with a standard driver license?

Yes. You can drive an RV with a standard driver's license class in every province in Canada.

What kind of gas mileage does an RV have?

The average motorhome will consumer around 12 to 30 litres of gas per hundred kilometres. RVs that use gas typically get better kilometres than an RV that uses diesel. A good rule of thumb is — the bigger the unit, the more gas it will consume.

What are the different classes of motorhomes?

The different classes of motorhomes are: Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A are the largest and are similar to a bus or 18-wheeler truck. Class B are the smallest and are often called camper vans because of the similarity. Class C are medium-sized and often have a trademark over-cab sleeping area.

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