RV Maintenance and Care

You want your RV to last, and proper care and maintenance can help you stay on the road as well as save you some money in the long run. From keeping your RV clean, changing the oil, taking care of your tires and batteries, winterizing, and de-winterizing in the spring, there can be a lot to cover. Here are our most frequently asked RV care and maintenance questions answered.

RV Maintenance and Care in BC


How do you charge RV batteries?

RV batteries will charge while the motor of your tow vehicle is running, when you plug it into an electric outlet and when your generator is running.

Can an RV battery freeze?

Yes. RV batteries can freeze. You don’t want a dead battery in the spring, so store your RV battery in a warm place for the winter months. Check on the battery’s charge level about once a month over the winter to ensure that it’s holding a charge.

How long do RV batteries last?

Most RV batteries last about 5 to 7 years depending on how frequently you use your unit, and other factors that can impact battery life.

How do you check RV tire pressure?

Checking the tire pressure on your RV is just like on most other vehicles. First remove the caps from the valves, use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure level, then add air a few seconds at a time to avoid overfilling before checking the pressure again. When the pressure is correct, put the caps back on the valves.

Do RV tires expire?

Just like the tires on your standard vehicle, RV tires have an expiry date. The general expiry date for tires is six years.

How often should RV tires be changed?

It is recommended to change your tires every six years (at minimum). Tires have an expiry date of six years from the date manufactured.

How do I prepare my RV for spring?

If you winterize, you need to de-winterize your RV in the spring. Think about this in terms of reversing all of your winterizing. Reinstall or check your battery, check your tire pressure, test all lights, slide-outs, and awnings. Fill your freshwater tank and if necessary, run all your water lines to clean them out and check for any leaks. You can check with your RV dealer or manufacturer for more tests and checks that should be done before hitting the road.

How do you maintain an RV?

Maintaining your RV is like a combination of caring for a vehicle and caring for a home. Regular cleanings, checks, and preventative maintenance can extend the life of your RV. The basics are checking or testing your seams and joints, tires, battery, water systems, oil and other fluids, and exterior cleaning including slide-outs and awnings.

How much does it generally cost to maintain an RV?

Although it can vary greatly with how much you use your RV and how new or old your model is, an average estimate would be set aside around $1,400 per year for RV maintenance.

How often should I change my RV's oil?

We recommend that you change your unit's oil every three months, or around every 6,000 km.

How often should you seal your RV roof?

You should inspect your roof every six months and reseal it once a year.

What should you use to clean the outside of your camper?

Car-washing soap and warm water works great for cleaning the outside of your RV. Also, consider waxing your RV once or twice a year. Avoid using household cleaners, especially those with alkali or ammonia as they can strip your wax.

How do I clean my RV awning?

Cleaning your RV awning at least once a year can help prevent mold and mildew. First open and lower your awning as much as possible, though you may still need a step ladder or long brush to not miss any spots. Brush off any leaves or other debris and hose the awning down to remove some of the dirt. Using either a store-bought awning cleaner solution or a mix of gentle dish soap and water, cover both sides of the awning using a spray bottle, brush, or hose attachment. Roll up your awning and let your cleaner work for about five minutes. Open the awning again and wipe with a rag, sponge, or soft brush, then rinse thoroughly. Allow the awning to dry completely before storing.

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