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New and Used Tent Trailers BC

Tent Trailers For Sale BC

Tent Trailers are the perfect trailers for families and first-time RVers. They are easy to tow, lightweight, and have lots of room to sleep and live. Chemo offers tent trailers for sale at our RV dealerships in BC.

These trailers are generally fairly inexpensive, yet offer a good amount of sleeping space!

The name says it all—tent trailers really do feel like sleeping in a tent, and offer the advantages that come with camping in a tent. You can feel closer to your environment as you can hear the nature around you, and feel the weather around you without being affected by it. You truly feel like you’re sleeping outdoors.

Tent trailers are generally inexpensive to buy, when compared to other types of RVs for sale in BC. They are easy to store, and easy to tow with almost any vehicle. It’s so light—it feels like air when you pull it.

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