New and Used 5th Wheels for Sale in BC

5th Wheels For Sale BC

What is a 5th wheel trailer?

5th wheel trailers make rv camping extremely comfortable. These campers feature many different amenities that will take your camping experience to a luxury level. They have many similarities to most travel trailers, with some structural differences.

These trailers generally sit at a higher price point in relation to other travel trailers for sale in BC, while also being extremely popular with families due to their comfort and space.

Some of the brands of 5th Wheel Trailers that we carry at Chemo RV include Artic Fox and Vengeance.


5th Wheel Features

5th wheel trailers attach to a hitch on your vehicle and extend above the truck bed. This means that these trailers are “bi-level.” These campers are designed to be towed by full-sized trucks with a bed and a special hitch.

You can find many conveniences from home in 5th wheel trailers. These trailers will offer sleeping amenities, kitchen amenities, full bathrooms, and dining features. You’ll feel close to home while you’re out exploring. 5th wheelers are often used by families who camp very often or for long periods of time, so these conveniences are important necessities in this type of trailer.

These trailers have many slide-outs. Slide-outs will increase living space in the 5th wheel. Some can have as many as 4 slide-outs—for a very spacious stay.

This floorplan shows the amenities and space included in an Arctic Fox 5th wheel:

Chemo RV - Arctic Fox 5th Wheel Trailer BC

5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Because 5th wheel trailers are generally heavier RVs and require a full-size truck to tow, they also require special hitches due to it being a gooseneck trailer: 5th Wheel trailer hitches.

These hitches are extremely strong. These trailer hitches are can be mounted into the bed the truck, or they can be hooked up right above the truck’s rear axle.

These hitches are easy to maneuver, are safer due to their strength and stability, and offer greater towing capacity than a typical ball hitch.


What to consider before purchasing:

Consider how you plan on using your 5th wheel trailer. If you intend on very long-term/fulltime camping—a larger, longer model can be suitable as it will require less travel and will have more amenities. The larger and longer the 5th Wheel is, the more difficult it is to tow and more difficult it is to find places to park your travelhome RV.

If you’re considering frequent travel with your 5th Wheel, opt for a shorter model. This will be easier on your vehicle’s towing abilities. You will also have more options with where you intend to park it if you’re moving often.

Knowing the proper weight that your vehicle can comfortably handle is extremely important. You can speak with one of our team members at our RV dealership to help ensure that you’re purchasing the proper 5th wheel based on your vehicle’s size and towing capacity.

Besides the important structural considerations, the rest is up to you! You can decide on what features are most important to you and your family. One of the biggest benefits of travelling in a 5th wheel is its endless amenity options—so make the most of it!

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