Motorhome or Travel Trailer?

Deciding between a motorhome or travel trailer is the age-old decision for RVers. With so many different RVs for sale, it can be difficult to narrow down your options to find the perfect one.

We’ll help you get started! Here are some points to consider when deciding which type of RV will be the best fit for your family’s lifestyle.

Camping with a motorhome in BC - Chemo RV

Towing Capacity

Keeping your towing capacity in mind is very important when you’re looking at which RV to buy.

In order to transport a travel trailer, you will need a vehicle with towing capacity. While most SUVs, vans and trucks have towing capacity enough to haul a travel trailer—it’s a good idea to find out exactly what your vehicle’s towing capacity is before you start shopping. You can check with your vehicle manufacturer or manual to confirm its towing capacity, or use resources that are available online.

If your vehicle does have towing capacity, a travel trailer offers a great RV experience! With the right hitch on your vehicle, you can easily transport your trailer to your destination.  Most campers prefer to unhitch when they arrive so they can freely use their vehicle to explore until it’s time to head home.

If you don’t have towing capacity, a motorhome is a great RV option. Motorhomes don’t require a vehicle with towing capacity, as the units are themselves motorized. Still want to bring a vehicle along? Class A and Class C motorhomes can tow most vehicles—so you can freely go out on day trips while you leave your motorhome parked at your site!


Length of Trips

Are you a weekend camper or long-haul camper? This can also help determine which RV is best for you.

If you like to set up camp for an extended time a travel trailer may be your best option. With a travel trailer, you have to hitch it to your vehicle to transport it. If you’re planning on staying at the same campsite for an extended period of time, you don’t have to worry about hitching your trailer to your vehicle every time you want to move locations. You can just kick back and relax until it’s time to pack up and head home.

Motorhomes are self-propelled and designed to be mobile—so they’re great for those quick weekend trips where you want to get a change of scenery for a couple days! They’re also a great option if you’re planning to stop and camp at multiple different locations. They don’t need to be hitched up to a vehicle, so you can simply get up and go with ease.

Camping with a travel trailer in BC - Chemo RV



Just how there are costs that come with owning and maintaining a house, your home on wheels will have a variety of maintenance costs. But, like choosing between different types of homes, RV units have unique needs and cost savings.

While motorhomes are typically more expensive to purchase than travel trailers, you can save money on fuel when travelling. Because motorhomes are self-propelled and aren’t pulling a large amount of weight—unless you are towing your vehicle— you can save on fuel! Travel trailers can be a more inexpensive option to purchase but towing a travel trailer with your vehicle can also decrease fuel efficiency.

When it comes to maintenance, motorhomes are more susceptible to repairs due to having an engine and transmission that need to be maintained. Because travel trailers aren’t motorized, they typically need fewer repairs and usually have lower repair costs.


Family Size

Motorhomes and travel trailers come in a variety of different sizes and floorplans that can accommodate any size of family.

Class A and Class C motorhomes are the most spacious motorhome options, while fifth wheel trailers are the biggest travel trailers. Whether you’re interested in a trailer or a motorhome, you’ll be able to find one that can fit a large family or just a couple of people. 

If you’re interested in testing out a motorhome or travel trailer, check out our RV rentals. Think you’ve made up your mind? We have one of the largest selections of new and used RVs for sale at our dealership.


Should I get a motorhome or travel trailer?

Here are some points to consider when deciding which type of RV will be the best fit for your family’s lifestyle:

  • Towing capacity
  • Length of trips
  • Costs
  • Family size

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